Thursday, October 22, 2015

ORGANIC PRODUCE CHEAT SHEET: The Most Important Foods To Buy Organic

Organic foods are not always easily available and are more expensive than non-organic foods, but you still want the best for your family especially as pesticides and other environmental toxins are cumulative and very detrimental to young children. So which organic foods should you buy first if you are on a limited, food budget?

What And How To Buy Organic:

1) Buy organic animal food (meat and dairy) first as they bioaccumulate toxins from their hormone-, anitbiotic-, pesticide-laced feed. This includes chickens - so buy organic eggs. Watch this video for the low-down on what's actually going on with your food:

2) Then buy those produce that poses a high risk to your famly's health. Check out this video cheat-sheet below, which reveals the most heavily, pesticide-sprayed crops and therefore the ones to buy organic. It also shows the produce that are safe to buy as non-organics.

Always "Buy Organic" For This Produce Category:
Peaches, Carrots,  Strawberries, Green Beans, Sweet Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Tangerines, Nectarines, Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes - as these are more heavily laced with pesticides.

What Produce To Buy Organic: Produce Cheat Sheet

How To Prepare Food To Make It Safer:

You've invested in your family's health, spending time and money as you carefully navigate the hurdles to put good, wholesome food on the table. So it makes good sense to go the whole way to the podium and do justice to all your effort by prepping your food to preserve all its nutrients to the max while at the same time, eliminating all unwanted bugs and toxins once it's in your kitchen. Watch the following video for how to prepare food to reduce pesticide risk without excessive nutrient loss.

Watch: 5 Food Prep Tips To Reduce Pesticide Risk

Fresh Is Best - Especially Fresh-Picked & Fresh-Cooked:

All your effort would go to naught if you don't watch your timeframe between buying your produce and serving it on the dinner table. The sooner you serve your produce after it is gathered or bought the less the nutrient loss. Nutrient loss can leach out at a rapid rate ... more than what most people realise.

The best way to ensure you get the absolute max from your produce is to eat or prepare it as soon as it is picked - so for that reason, your own garden organics has a huge advantage over bought produce especially if the latter has to be transported over long distances.

The other great option is to shop locally at your local markets especially if you're lucky enough to live in a community where you have passionate, organic, small-holders or market gardeners offering a variety of produce, both plant and animal-based. In that case make the most of your good luck and also participate - you never know when your stall, blog, produce or cook book, etc., could go viral and become a huge hit ... well beyond the confines of your local community!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How To Get Awesome Skin Glow and Lustrous Hair At Low Cost

Looking for a low-cost yet powerful, personal care product to beautify you INSIDE and OUT that does not contain harmful chemicals or additives?

Then look no further than your kitchen cupboard - a natural oil that most communities who live in coastal, tropical regions have known and used for centuries, ie. the humble coconut oil, treasured as a hair conditioner which gives gloss and sheen and a strong, lustrous thickness to hair, plus as an effective, skin moisturiser.

In Indian cultures, the women routinely apply the coconut oil liberally and leave it on overnight to maximise its health and beauty effects. Although you might smell a tad oily, when you saturate yourself with coconut oil and then leave it on overnight (that is the most effective method), it is well worth the sacrifice once you shower off in the morning and find that your skin is more supple, softer, less lined and baby-smooth.

For that reason it might be better to take your coconut 'bath' in the weekends. Alternatively look for deodorised, organic, coconut oil so you can still indulge in your beauty treatment without driving away your nearest and dearest. For some people coconut oil applied often to their hair and scalp has even been known to keep grey hairs at bay.

TIP: If you want to be beautiful, start with a gorgeous can't go wrong when you start with the basics - afterall you are covered in skin (it's actually the biggest organ in your body!). Once your 'blank canvas' (your skin) is in glowing condition, then sure, apply your makeup, etc. You won't need much if your skin is in peak condition - in fact, less is more as you want your natural glow to shine through...oh, so naturally and then some - looking and feeling silky smooth (which btw, is what your guy likes!). Remember that beauty begins from within, so remember to include coconut oil in your diet too in addition to your external, coconut-oil, beauty regime.

Check out the following infographics to find out the many uses of the wonderful coconut:

coconut uses infographic
Learn how the coconut tree provides all-around benefits -- from its husks and roots to coconut oil -- through our infographic "Plant of Life: An Infographic on Various Coconut Uses."

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Check Out the Advantage of the Humble Mushroom from this Infographic of 'Mushroom Benefits Made Easy':

MushroomsMushrooms are packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that provide outstanding health benefits. Discover more about this emerging superfood through this infographic.

There are many health benefits from mushrooms, the major ones are:
"Mushrooms contain long-chain polysaccharides, specifically alpha- and beta-glucans. These molecules have beneficial effects on your immune system. In fact, medications like penicillin, streptomycin, and tetracycline are all derived from fungal extracts."

"Other naturally-occurring compounds like fungal proteins, lectines, peptides, and laccases in mushrooms also support your immune function. In fact, studies show that mushrooms have cancer-fighting and anti-tumor properties."

Check out the infographic in detail to see what additional benefits mushrooms confer and find out which species does what best?

Friday, March 20, 2015

What Happens to Your Brain and Body When You Check Your Phone Before Bed?

Do you really know what happens to your brain and body when you check your phone before bed? The consequences are more far-reaching and serious than we imagine.

"Staring at screens right before sleep turns out to be much worse than previously thought. Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, lays out all of the negative effects bedtime screen viewing can have on the brain and body" from faltering attention, impaired memory, compromised problem-solving ability, to insulin and metabolism disruption (and therefore weight gain), chronically fatigued neurons (your active neurons do not get rested), poorly performing glial cells (supportive cells are not able to remove the toxins from your neurons), and toxic cell connections, to a host of other related, serious, health problems.

So how important is sleep? Dr Siegel says it's very important to get 7-9 hours sleep, the optimum amount. It is also recommended that you turn off your devices one hour before bed-time instead of allowing the bright, blue light to disrupt your melatonin production which then keeps you awake into the late hours of the night and leads to all those negative bio-results discussed above.

Is this a growing problem? The more devices we have the more this trend is going to increase and now with children being supplied with these devices at an increasingly younger age, this problem is not going to disappear anytime soon, rather more and more of society will suffer from chronic sleep deprivation and at an increasingly earlier age. More accidents at work? less productivity? more health problems with weight, dementia, etc.? Expect these negative trends to grow ... and explode exponentially especially when you start wearing devices on your wrist or eye, and your house and its army of whiteware - fridge, oven, microwave, washing machine, tv, etc. - are all recruited into the mix. The idea that we could be at the cusp of the evolution of nations of sleep-deprived, tech-junkie zombies may not be so far-fetched nor the stuff of sci-fi any longer. You and your family can however counter against this trend by observing the simple tips mentioned above.

Produced by Justin Gmoser; Additional camera by Alana Kakoyiannis.

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