Monday, May 19, 2014


The Latest Cellulite Treatements | A Live Demonstration by Dr. Youn | Dos and Don'ts of Eating for Cellulite:

Dr. Anthony Youn Detroit, a Michigan plastic surgeon "reveals the latest treatments for cellulite, including the Body FX (which smooths cellulite, tightens the skin, and reduces fat - by a combination of actions) and the 9-minute cellulite cream by Adonia."
90 % of women has cellulite and some men are afflicted too.  This typically occurs in the buttocks and thighs from a combination of loose and damaged skin with fat pockets that get swollen. These fat pockets do not have to be big but can be small so even thin people can be afflicted.
The fat cells in these pockets tend to get swollen from toxins, which stretch the skin and when this 'caves in', in-between the fat cells it causes the dimpling effect (mandarin-peel look) to become the unsightly 'cellulite' as we know it.
Adonia cream: It consists of plant stem-cells combined with 23 organic botanicals. The live demo was impressive as there was a distinct improvement in appearance (less dimply skin) after 13 minutes (72 % reduction in cellulite after 6 weeks).
Body FX treatment: for smaller, smoother and tighter effects - smooths cellulite, reduces and shrinks body fat. Course of treatment: 1x per week for 6 weeks then maintenance 1x per 3 months, but it will set you back $2500. It works via vacumn and radio-frequency (stretch your blood vessels & tighten by heat) effects, and also breaks down the fat cells themselves.
Dr. Youn recommends eating foods which improve and tighten your skin and to avoid foods which damage it (cause fat cells to swell). In a nutshell:
  • Eat oily fish - for omega-3s, two or three servings a week for a "moisturising, smoothing, protective coating around our skin".
  • Drink green tea - has catachins and is "one of the most powerful antioxidant DRINKs, 100x more powerful than vitamin C" -  2 to 3 cups per day (tailor to your personal caffeine tolerance levels and avoid at night).
  • Eat tomatoes - for its lycopene, "one of the most powerful antioxidant FOODs around".  Cooking tomatoes makes lycopene absorbable so eat it cooked.
  • Avoid white carbs eg.white rice, white flour, etc. {digested too fast, and causes sugar spike and inflammation which in turn, attacks collagen in the skin and makes you age faster - amongst other things}.
  • Avoid saturated fats (eat less butter, lard, eg.) - also increases inflammation and causes our skin to loosen or age faster.
  • Avoid too much salt (causes water retention and fat cells to swell and expand which worsens cellulite).
  • Do drink alot of water, to flush toxins and to hydrate your cells and body.
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