Monday, April 14, 2014

Know How to Play the 'Hospital Game' - IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Key Points: Life-Saving Tips from Dr. Andrew Saul

(Video interview of Dr. Andrew Saul by Dr. Mercola)

Hospital Statistics: One error per patient per day (minimum).

Why knowing how to prevent disease so that you AVOID going to hospital is your best bet for good health. "Hospitals are good for treating trauma cases but has a poor record for chronic illness care ... ".

Which month, or day of the week to avoid? It's a fact that the season when new interns and new trainees are recruited also "COINCIDES" with more mistakes, "medical misadventures" and death incidence, viz., the trainee-intake month of July. Also avoid weekends (when most errors occur).

If you do have to go to hospital, know your rights and how to invoke these if necessary. Hospital contracts are not etched in stone, cross out or add clauses to suit yourself. If they refuse to admit you because you crossed out or added clauses, jot that down too in the contract!!

Why the most important person in the hospital is YOU - the PATIENT - and how to use that power.

The patient has 'incredible power' but when you are incapacitated it is your advocate (ensure they are present 24/7 by your side for your entire hospital stay) who will step in for you. The best advocates are spouses, followed by your children.  Apart from keeping you company, their duty is to act as a witness for you and to stand guard over you when you are at your most vulnerable, from the medical staff responsible for your care (thus requiring them to be more careful in their medical treatment of you)! So have an advocate with you if possible, for your entire hospital stay.

Vitamin C: Take (higher doses of) vitamin C before admission into hospital and especially before surgery - it will help you fight infections, reduce pain and bleeding, and recover faster ...

Hospital (and institutional) food: Often of poor quality, phone around to research the hospitals' food menus and quality. Expect processed and sugared food (ie. junk foods). You may be able to get better food but you have to ask. It pays to be proactive, to survey and to conduct your own hospital research prior to admission. Food is important ...

Vitamins and Mulitvitamins: Recommended during your stay in hospital. Many modern illnesses are caused by deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients. The vested interest of hospitals NOT to empty their beds fast (for profit reasons) means that the responsibility of getting well falls squarely on YOUR shoulders. Recommended: Take a multivitamin with every meal.

Your hospitalisation outcome is determined by YOURSELF. You need to play (and know how to play) the 'Hospital Game'.  If you OPT OUT of the 'Game' by being compliant, unquestioning, that is, a "pious patient", you run the risk of coming out of hospital in a ... BOX!  Medical errors can include wrong prescriptions, misdiagnosis, etc. Check out these stats about hospitals and modern medicine:

Hospitals are ONE OF THE TOP 10 causes of death in USA (lowest estimates).

Hospitals (and drugs) are the NUMBER ONE cause of death in USA (highest estimates).


You can change these terrible statistics, but only if you know how to 'play the game' :
  • Use common sense
  • Have good food
  • Have good care
  • Take as few drugs as possible
  • 'Take charge of your own house' (don't be a 'pious patient'!)

"Knowing how to prevent disease so you can avoid hospitals in the first place is clearly your best bet. But knowing what to do to make your hospital stay as safe and healing as possible is equally important." The Hospital Health book equips you with VITAL information to do just that!

1 in 25 patients end up with hospital-acquired infecitons... 
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