Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reverse Aging, Parts 1 & 2: By Dr Ted Broer

Age Reversal ~ Part 1

Dr Ted Broer discusses: seniors, cholesterol, good quality protein, Australian, NZ whey, eggs and more.

Age Reversal ~ Part 2

To reverse aging: Eat quality proteins, eggs, omega-3 (from eg. wild salmon not farmed), cod-liver oil, pure water ...

Some of the Main Points Discussed:
  • Drink pure water** - key point - critical
  • Take cod liver oil** - key point
  • Don't smoke
  • Avoid processed meats (contain sodium nitrite - very toxic, excess methionine converts to homocysteine which causes plaques cf. heart disease)
  • Exercise and resistance training (cardio-vascular exercise critical eg. walking)
  • Lack of fibre widespread - the key cause of colorectal and breast cancer is constipation!
  • Avoid diet sodas - critical - many adverse side effects eg. methanol from aspartame (also an excito-toxin) which causes brain tumours, cancers, seizures etc. and very acidic phosphoric acid, takes 32 glasses of water to neutralise acidity, etc. - avoid especially if elderly or young.
  • avoid stress (elevates cortisol - muscle wasting hormone, destroys body internally and lowers metabolic rate)
  • coffee elevates cortisol highly (will age you v. quickly. etc.) - drink green tea instead


0:06 they always want protein whether that was half of what that is with women
0:09 because of the formal fluctuations throughout the month
0:12 they basically have a system of tennessee resistor serotonin levels to
0:14 drop so they're always craving sugars and sweets and things of a book about
0:18 you met him back right after i get video so
0:21 it's a fun as a blizzard brought them up and asked her cuz it will book you bob
0:25 because what happens when you get a lot of
0:26 processed carbohydrates
0:28 what ends up happening is when you eat the process carbohydrates
0:30 elevator insulin
0:31 and elevate your insulin you first the warhol's esther carbohydrates fat
0:35 and that's when the keys with women be a thermostat
0:37 you don't we high glycemic carbohydrates and we talk about this you through a lot
0:41 of corporate welfare i never had any problem with my stomach it's part
0:45 storing in fact there
0:46 tele turnpike forty-eight and it was so frustrating because like ise and then i
0:51 start eating a lot more protein i i'm i really
0:54 have to make myself the eggs every day but now used to impose an issue here my
0:58 letter stanley better and thinning hair it really helps with anything other than
1:01 that we got a very few companies they say we felt was always a good help
1:05 region of reverse the aging process
1:07 is basically katie
1:09 into their high omega three fats like
1:11 salmon know when you eat salmon always make sure that you get fresh wild salmon
1:16 always ask the person who you're if you're a restaurant warrior
1:18 is this wild salmon courses for a second
1:21 wild salmon is excellent for you
1:24 form of race emma is terrible for you
1:26 formation was not even picking colin if the diet
1:29 and it's interesting i was at a hotel a few months back in
1:32 or they're going to breakfast
1:33 birthday may have blocks you know the sent smoke salmon on the white place
1:36 and all the color was bleeding out of it
1:39 there was also in congress coming out of samuel orange as a guides us adagio from
1:43 real sound well this is real sadness dot jenny without artificial colors in it
1:47 and so they said no this is all we have a mike this is not healthy
1:49 and allowed tangowire official says well so-called liberal
1:53 without one brenda called the war was phenomenal and looks great china we've
1:56 been we also a couple years ago we develop the product
1:59 if the progress that helps to boost the body's own production of human growth
2:01 hormone
2:02 and when you take this product and been friends i'm not joking disperse up as
2:06 amazing
2:07 lowers your blood pressure almost instantaneous because helps relax the
2:10 muscles
2:11 secondly
2:11 it's like a natural via dream man
2:13 third helps burn cellulite body fat is absolutely firm and it increases your
2:17 energy levels in your strength in the tank refueling muscle medicine so it's
2:20 like i got a stronger candidate after suffering credible
2:24 next thing we need to do is we also drink pure water
2:27 attack and
2:28 i know we talked with every single show there's a reason for that
2:31 if you're listening today and they're going to be one
2:33 thing that we suggest
2:35 drink water that's the one thing said one of the water number two is that you
2:39 called liberal hotel there's productive but it was so funny when the fire shows
2:42 we have done with the goes or hesitate about what a terrible
2:46 but no let me say one thing
2:48 we've got an idea is to know we've got a brand now that scott
2:52 cinema extract and met and you can get in extracts if you like one of those
2:56 flavors
2:57 it's not that bad
2:58 is practically every day
3:00 i'm it you know
3:02 i don't hear about the case because the results are so good and you get me
3:05 started on this card liberal well
3:07 my fine lines have decreased
3:09 might skip my complexion people come up to me and comment on my complexion it's
3:13 got and demanded an unnatural source and it just feature skin because you know
3:18 women we could all these cream more tonight duri gold creams and all that
3:22 but it's what you put on the inside front it makes the biggest difference
3:26 but if you'll start mandalite
3:29 itself
3:30 it works great but it's a spectacle pol pot's opportunity facilitate iverson
3:34 don't realize that
3:36 for the colorado there without one brenda were forwarded really worthwhile
3:39 causes that relate bia data back into it frontier wards of the critical
3:42 now they see stop smoking
3:44 them if i would avoid high-fat luncheon ignite rice sodium nitrite is one of
3:48 those talks have been grief they put into a large me bacon sausage ham
3:51 pepperoni hot dogs
3:52 you don't beat the stuff you got avoid the stuff
3:55 it has another problem is very high in the u_s_ the comet by name
3:58 but i mean if you don't have b six b twelve folic acid in your diet or you're
4:02 taking the sublet
4:03 conversed almost sustained analyst system is the primary cause of afro
4:06 school roddick lacking
4:07 not cholesterol listed this research was done by thirty eight years go by name by
4:11 god i get by a guy by the name of a colleague
4:13 from college he was ridiculed by the mainstream media
4:16 the following beginning to realize it
4:18 fifty percent of the people have heart attacks today have heart attacks and die
4:22 had normal cholesterol levels
4:24 it's not the cholesterol guys if the homocysteine levels very important to
4:28 understand that cholesterol is a is it is a is it is an important factor
4:32 but is not the primary factors for congress or with heart disease
4:35 that's what you're doing what we're saying today unit eliminate a lot of
4:38 these problems
4:39 and i have to you know
4:40 be going in had bypass surgery by the way
4:43 bypass surgery
4:44 god bless you think you got to do that causes all kinds of natural ways if we
4:47 have time to talk about
4:49 two key ways
4:50 you'd you'd cleanup arteries
4:51 without doing bypass surgery which had no bad side effects
4:54 if we have time today we going to be filled out the vote dot
4:57 dot they said we want to talk about
4:59 is exercise and resistance training
5:02 this is absolutely a
5:04 critical that we do cardio exercise every single day it is just walking for
5:08 heaven sakes you've got to get out there
5:11 nextel in part by spider
5:13 no nervously nobody america's ne five of us why colorectal cancer is a number-one
5:18 cause of cancer in this country
5:19 i mean sure we'd also say i hope it's ok would pass today to say this but the
5:22 fact
5:23 the u_s_ is plugged up from the east coast to the west coast packages that
5:26 bad unni blacks in the sales were the billions
5:29 and he think well that's care what if there was best refer to their view of
5:32 what they were because
5:34 definitely key factors of breast cancer and colorectal cancer
5:36 is constipation
5:38 we have to realize that this is something we've got to talk about an
5:40 opportunity not happening
5:42 because if we don't talk about it it just gets worse and worse and worse
5:45 apple acetyl headed ledger apple definitely state one apple a day
5:50 avoid sodas diet sodas
5:52 don't put any this in your body to contain phosphoric acid
5:54 first diet sodas contain few alinga spark acid methanol which is consistent
5:59 statue components of aspartame which has been shown to cause brain tumors brain
6:03 cancer seizures headaches optic nerve degradation
6:05 the passport stack acid in these prices so acidic
6:09 at six thirty three glasses of water to divide the city of one sewed up
6:13 so it's absolutely critical at least a away from sodas and your children you
6:18 adults but if you're elderly
6:19 don't drink sodas next thing
6:21 avoid stress in the region west royce fest wrestle much as you possibly can is
6:25 it elevate scored us all
6:26 we elevate court is all it's a muscle wasting hormone and what it is a billing
6:31 basically is destroying you internally first
6:34 making your muscles waste lori metabolic rate
6:36 if we have time it it would cover the top five ways to burn no body fat we
6:39 don't have time to do that
6:40 the work order sold does it
6:42 it it destroys the body internally and where the key things elevates cordial
6:46 quicker than anything else
6:47 never talk was on the show before his coffee when you're a caffeinated coffee
6:51 it elevation quarters all through the roof
6:54 i try never drink coffee and i had had a coffee today we has a green tea before
6:57 you do the show
6:58 israel that jet lagged but if i drink coffee i get real edge you know
7:02 irritable and i was on duit is not fair to share is not fair to the key is not
7:05 going to me
7:06 i like the way i feel i get a headache the next day
7:08 i stay away from it
7:10 caffeine the coup kathy and mcafee moving the coffee
7:13 is very very unhealthy for you to make it's very very quickly
7:17 advancing laws would initially said that
7:18 will guide loudly graduate school floor state university's terrific king cups of
7:22 coffee a day a couple years out a graduate school at the heart of these
7:25 animals die from it university i love the up british medical journal lancet a
7:28 few years ago steady drip five cups of coffee in your man increased risks of
7:32 cardiovascular disease by up to fifty percent
7:34 soap dies
7:35 is not a bid you live with something live without it with women
7:38 particularly causing massive increase and fibroid tumor formation and breast
7:41 cancer
7:42 we think in women not possibly it does cause of increase risk for breast cancer
7:46 and other briefings here i agree dick
7:48 so the show you we have
7:49 this is up
7:51 maxim age reversal isis phenomenal book it talks about
7:54 staying heart disease and cancer freeze
7:56 which supplements really worked reverse the aging process which there are so
7:59 that really work amazing
8:01 ten key strategy will be feeling twenty years younger stress-free living made
8:04 simple
8:05 this book's included in the program the reassure talk to the second
8:08 that i have my book maxim energy
8:10 this is
8:11 as far as i'm concerned
8:13 the finest health book ever written
8:15 it's super easy to read it was never fifteen amazon is international
8:20 bestseller
8:20 a phenomenal book very easy to read incredible that while others book
8:24 friends who are thank you again for supporting this broadcast and we thank
8:27 you to know they will see you next time

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