Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why Astaxanthin? Antioxidant Powerhouse!

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Robert Corish on Astaxanthin 

Krill Oil - Super-Antioxidant

  Why Prevention is Better than Cure:

"A carotenoid found as a blood-red pigment in marine, micro-algae, that is capable of protecting the algae in severe adverse conditions like severe drought, for over 30 years (where algae are subject to free radial assault) " ...

"larger capacity (can handle multiple free radicals, eg. 19) than other antioxidants as a free radical scavenger" ...

"and always remains benign even if itself has been depleted/exhausted within the body unlike some other antioxidants that can actually convert into a pro-radical ie. change teams after depletion!! ..."

"excellent tolerability and safety characteristics ... ie. no side-effects ..."

"protects against cataracts, macular degeneration that occurs after age 65 caused by free radicals and for which there is no cure ... a must-have carotenoid for eye health"

"also protects against dementia, strokes - protects central nervous sytem - especially the brain, mitochondria, and from excessive sunlight ... internal filter/sunscreen, blocks A and B (protects from excessive irradiation especially if you are flying frequently) ... (part transcript - see full interview).

Sources of quality Astaxanthin

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