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Reverse Aging, Parts 1 & 2: By Dr Ted Broer

Age Reversal ~ Part 1

Dr Ted Broer discusses: seniors, cholesterol, good quality protein, Australian, NZ whey, eggs and more.

Age Reversal ~ Part 2

To reverse aging: Eat quality proteins, eggs, omega-3 (from eg. wild salmon not farmed), cod-liver oil, pure water ...

Some of the Main Points Discussed:
  • Drink pure water** - key point - critical
  • Take cod liver oil** - key point
  • Don't smoke
  • Avoid processed meats (contain sodium nitrite - very toxic, excess methionine converts to homocysteine which causes plaques cf. heart disease)
  • Exercise and resistance training (cardio-vascular exercise critical eg. walking)
  • Lack of fibre widespread - the key cause of colorectal and breast cancer is constipation!
  • Avoid diet sodas - critical - many adverse side effects eg. methanol from aspartame (also an excito-toxin) which causes brain tumours, cancers, seizures etc. and very acidic phosphoric acid, takes 32 glasses of water to neutralise acidity, etc. - avoid especially if elderly or young.
  • avoid stress (elevates cortisol - muscle wasting hormone, destroys body internally and lowers metabolic rate)
  • coffee elevates cortisol highly (will age you v. quickly. etc.) - drink green tea instead


0:06 they always want protein whether that was half of what that is with women
0:09 because of the formal fluctuations throughout the month
0:12 they basically have a system of tennessee resistor serotonin levels to
0:14 drop so they're always craving sugars and sweets and things of a book about
0:18 you met him back right after i get video so
0:21 it's a fun as a blizzard brought them up and asked her cuz it will book you bob
0:25 because what happens when you get a lot of
0:26 processed carbohydrates
0:28 what ends up happening is when you eat the process carbohydrates
0:30 elevator insulin
0:31 and elevate your insulin you first the warhol's esther carbohydrates fat
0:35 and that's when the keys with women be a thermostat
0:37 you don't we high glycemic carbohydrates and we talk about this you through a lot
0:41 of corporate welfare i never had any problem with my stomach it's part
0:45 storing in fact there
0:46 tele turnpike forty-eight and it was so frustrating because like ise and then i
0:51 start eating a lot more protein i i'm i really
0:54 have to make myself the eggs every day but now used to impose an issue here my
0:58 letter stanley better and thinning hair it really helps with anything other than
1:01 that we got a very few companies they say we felt was always a good help
1:05 region of reverse the aging process
1:07 is basically katie
1:09 into their high omega three fats like
1:11 salmon know when you eat salmon always make sure that you get fresh wild salmon
1:16 always ask the person who you're if you're a restaurant warrior
1:18 is this wild salmon courses for a second
1:21 wild salmon is excellent for you
1:24 form of race emma is terrible for you
1:26 formation was not even picking colin if the diet
1:29 and it's interesting i was at a hotel a few months back in
1:32 or they're going to breakfast
1:33 birthday may have blocks you know the sent smoke salmon on the white place
1:36 and all the color was bleeding out of it
1:39 there was also in congress coming out of samuel orange as a guides us adagio from
1:43 real sound well this is real sadness dot jenny without artificial colors in it
1:47 and so they said no this is all we have a mike this is not healthy
1:49 and allowed tangowire official says well so-called liberal
1:53 without one brenda called the war was phenomenal and looks great china we've
1:56 been we also a couple years ago we develop the product
1:59 if the progress that helps to boost the body's own production of human growth
2:01 hormone
2:02 and when you take this product and been friends i'm not joking disperse up as
2:06 amazing
2:07 lowers your blood pressure almost instantaneous because helps relax the
2:10 muscles
2:11 secondly
2:11 it's like a natural via dream man
2:13 third helps burn cellulite body fat is absolutely firm and it increases your
2:17 energy levels in your strength in the tank refueling muscle medicine so it's
2:20 like i got a stronger candidate after suffering credible
2:24 next thing we need to do is we also drink pure water
2:27 attack and
2:28 i know we talked with every single show there's a reason for that
2:31 if you're listening today and they're going to be one
2:33 thing that we suggest
2:35 drink water that's the one thing said one of the water number two is that you
2:39 called liberal hotel there's productive but it was so funny when the fire shows
2:42 we have done with the goes or hesitate about what a terrible
2:46 but no let me say one thing
2:48 we've got an idea is to know we've got a brand now that scott
2:52 cinema extract and met and you can get in extracts if you like one of those
2:56 flavors
2:57 it's not that bad
2:58 is practically every day
3:00 i'm it you know
3:02 i don't hear about the case because the results are so good and you get me
3:05 started on this card liberal well
3:07 my fine lines have decreased
3:09 might skip my complexion people come up to me and comment on my complexion it's
3:13 got and demanded an unnatural source and it just feature skin because you know
3:18 women we could all these cream more tonight duri gold creams and all that
3:22 but it's what you put on the inside front it makes the biggest difference
3:26 but if you'll start mandalite
3:29 itself
3:30 it works great but it's a spectacle pol pot's opportunity facilitate iverson
3:34 don't realize that
3:36 for the colorado there without one brenda were forwarded really worthwhile
3:39 causes that relate bia data back into it frontier wards of the critical
3:42 now they see stop smoking
3:44 them if i would avoid high-fat luncheon ignite rice sodium nitrite is one of
3:48 those talks have been grief they put into a large me bacon sausage ham
3:51 pepperoni hot dogs
3:52 you don't beat the stuff you got avoid the stuff
3:55 it has another problem is very high in the u_s_ the comet by name
3:58 but i mean if you don't have b six b twelve folic acid in your diet or you're
4:02 taking the sublet
4:03 conversed almost sustained analyst system is the primary cause of afro
4:06 school roddick lacking
4:07 not cholesterol listed this research was done by thirty eight years go by name by
4:11 god i get by a guy by the name of a colleague
4:13 from college he was ridiculed by the mainstream media
4:16 the following beginning to realize it
4:18 fifty percent of the people have heart attacks today have heart attacks and die
4:22 had normal cholesterol levels
4:24 it's not the cholesterol guys if the homocysteine levels very important to
4:28 understand that cholesterol is a is it is a is it is an important factor
4:32 but is not the primary factors for congress or with heart disease
4:35 that's what you're doing what we're saying today unit eliminate a lot of
4:38 these problems
4:39 and i have to you know
4:40 be going in had bypass surgery by the way
4:43 bypass surgery
4:44 god bless you think you got to do that causes all kinds of natural ways if we
4:47 have time to talk about
4:49 two key ways
4:50 you'd you'd cleanup arteries
4:51 without doing bypass surgery which had no bad side effects
4:54 if we have time today we going to be filled out the vote dot
4:57 dot they said we want to talk about
4:59 is exercise and resistance training
5:02 this is absolutely a
5:04 critical that we do cardio exercise every single day it is just walking for
5:08 heaven sakes you've got to get out there
5:11 nextel in part by spider
5:13 no nervously nobody america's ne five of us why colorectal cancer is a number-one
5:18 cause of cancer in this country
5:19 i mean sure we'd also say i hope it's ok would pass today to say this but the
5:22 fact
5:23 the u_s_ is plugged up from the east coast to the west coast packages that
5:26 bad unni blacks in the sales were the billions
5:29 and he think well that's care what if there was best refer to their view of
5:32 what they were because
5:34 definitely key factors of breast cancer and colorectal cancer
5:36 is constipation
5:38 we have to realize that this is something we've got to talk about an
5:40 opportunity not happening
5:42 because if we don't talk about it it just gets worse and worse and worse
5:45 apple acetyl headed ledger apple definitely state one apple a day
5:50 avoid sodas diet sodas
5:52 don't put any this in your body to contain phosphoric acid
5:54 first diet sodas contain few alinga spark acid methanol which is consistent
5:59 statue components of aspartame which has been shown to cause brain tumors brain
6:03 cancer seizures headaches optic nerve degradation
6:05 the passport stack acid in these prices so acidic
6:09 at six thirty three glasses of water to divide the city of one sewed up
6:13 so it's absolutely critical at least a away from sodas and your children you
6:18 adults but if you're elderly
6:19 don't drink sodas next thing
6:21 avoid stress in the region west royce fest wrestle much as you possibly can is
6:25 it elevate scored us all
6:26 we elevate court is all it's a muscle wasting hormone and what it is a billing
6:31 basically is destroying you internally first
6:34 making your muscles waste lori metabolic rate
6:36 if we have time it it would cover the top five ways to burn no body fat we
6:39 don't have time to do that
6:40 the work order sold does it
6:42 it it destroys the body internally and where the key things elevates cordial
6:46 quicker than anything else
6:47 never talk was on the show before his coffee when you're a caffeinated coffee
6:51 it elevation quarters all through the roof
6:54 i try never drink coffee and i had had a coffee today we has a green tea before
6:57 you do the show
6:58 israel that jet lagged but if i drink coffee i get real edge you know
7:02 irritable and i was on duit is not fair to share is not fair to the key is not
7:05 going to me
7:06 i like the way i feel i get a headache the next day
7:08 i stay away from it
7:10 caffeine the coup kathy and mcafee moving the coffee
7:13 is very very unhealthy for you to make it's very very quickly
7:17 advancing laws would initially said that
7:18 will guide loudly graduate school floor state university's terrific king cups of
7:22 coffee a day a couple years out a graduate school at the heart of these
7:25 animals die from it university i love the up british medical journal lancet a
7:28 few years ago steady drip five cups of coffee in your man increased risks of
7:32 cardiovascular disease by up to fifty percent
7:34 soap dies
7:35 is not a bid you live with something live without it with women
7:38 particularly causing massive increase and fibroid tumor formation and breast
7:41 cancer
7:42 we think in women not possibly it does cause of increase risk for breast cancer
7:46 and other briefings here i agree dick
7:48 so the show you we have
7:49 this is up
7:51 maxim age reversal isis phenomenal book it talks about
7:54 staying heart disease and cancer freeze
7:56 which supplements really worked reverse the aging process which there are so
7:59 that really work amazing
8:01 ten key strategy will be feeling twenty years younger stress-free living made
8:04 simple
8:05 this book's included in the program the reassure talk to the second
8:08 that i have my book maxim energy
8:10 this is
8:11 as far as i'm concerned
8:13 the finest health book ever written
8:15 it's super easy to read it was never fifteen amazon is international
8:20 bestseller
8:20 a phenomenal book very easy to read incredible that while others book
8:24 friends who are thank you again for supporting this broadcast and we thank
8:27 you to know they will see you next time

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10 Foods To Avoid: By Dr Ted Broer

10 Foods NOT to Eat

Knowing what to eat is important, 
so also is knowing what NOT to eat.

Notes / Partial transcript of this Video: 
  • Hot fat luncheon meats - 3 hot dogs a week for kids equates to 9 times the risk of leukemia
  • Diet sodas, coke: contains aspartame - side-effects of depression, brain tumours, seizures, memory loss, messes serotonin levels in the brain, etc. etc. it's 'unbelievably bad...'
  • Transfat
  • Shellfish
  • Junk Food
  • MSG - monosodium glutamate (glutamic acid - an excitotoxin - it excites and kills brain cells/ neural tissue, it 'eats holes in your brain'). A flavour enhancement, in chips, takeaways, etc.
  • Chlorine in the drinking water - deadly poison (used in ww1 to kill people, use chlorine hood if dealing with chlorine experiments, ... it's that toxic).
  • Fluoride in the drinking water - ditto, deadly poisonous used in rat poison,
  • Prescription drugs, prozac (can be alleviated by using omega-3 fats eg. cod liver oil >
  • Summary: "Important to put the right nutrients into your brain and body to feel and look good every day of your life."

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Alzheimer's Disease

The challenges of Alzheimer's Disease for both the patient and caregiver

"A progressive, neural degenerative disease (cells or neurons in the brain are dying)"

Some of the Symptoms include:
  1. Impaired memory
  2. Restlessness
  3. language deterioration 
  4. Impaired behaviour
  5. Emotional Apathy
  6. Confusion

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1.What is Alzheimer's disease? 2. Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Perlmutter - Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Here is a good video explanation of Alzheimer's Disease, illustrated by
simple, powerful, diagrammatic animations.

Sourced from the tv channel of

Alzheimer's Association 


 The Correlation of Gluten and Alzheimer's Disease

  Alzheimer's Prevention: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Perlmutter

September 29, 2013


Three tests are recommended by Dr. David Perlmutter (DP) to predict Alzheimer's; the first is the Cyrex test. This is a test for antibodies related to gluten sensitivity.
Two other tests recommended that are potent predictors of Alzheimer’s disease specifically are:
  • "Fasting blood sugar, as this is a powerful predictor of your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. In this interview, he discusses research showing a very direct correlation between your fasting blood sugar and the rate at which your brain shrinks.  The higher your fasting blood sugar, the greater your risk. Interestingly, brain shrinkage occurs at blood sugar levels that are currently considered within the normal range (90-100), and even small elevations of blood sugar directly correlate to increased risk for having shrinkage of your hippocampus, your memory center, which is the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease."
  • "Hemoglobin A1c. This is a marker of your average blood sugar over about a three-to four-month period of time. Again, there’s a striking correlation between hemoglobin A1c and the rate at which your brain is shrinking."

  • Rule number one: You can change your genetic destiny (GD)
"We interact with our genome every moment of our lives, and we can do so positively (by keeping our blood sugar low) to allow the genes to express reduced inflammation, which increase the production of life-giving antioxidants."
In other words our GD is NOT fixed - we can CHANGE our genetic destiny by how we live since our physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, etc. states influence our genetic expression. So it makes sense to live in a way that allows our genetic expression its full potential for health (eg. by avoiding a high sugar, high calorie diet, and opting for Mediterranean-type diets or high (good) fats diet instead). Cf. the 6 TIPS below.
Note: Your diet is under your control the way some other factors may not be and so it is within your means to influence your genetic expression in a huge, desirable and achievable way.
  • Rule number two: You can change your GD to grow new brain cells, 
"specifically in the hippocampus... Your brain’s memory center regenerates. You are constantly growing new brain cells into your 50s, 60s, 80s, and 90s – throughout your lifetime – through a process called neurogenesis."
In other words you can grow back your memory center, the hippocampus, the part that is affected by Alzheimers.
According to Dr. Perlmutter: You should be able to grow new brain cells provided you follow 'lifestyle strategies' which 'promote neurogenesis and the regrowth of brain cells'.

THE WAY FORWARD (- Gluten + > Ketogenic Shift):
"These Lifestyle Strategies target a specific gene pathway called BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which promotes brain cell growth and connectivity as demonstrated on MRI scans and include:
  1. Aerobic exercise. "In a 1-year study, individuals who exercised GREW and EXPANDED the brain’s memory center by 1-2% per annum which would have continued to decline in size otherwise." "It’s not just that the brain got bigger, but the memory function improved in a time in which there are no medications or whatsoever that have any effect on improving memory."
    Suggested: 20 minutes exercise daily. DP
  2. Reducing overall calorie intake - for ketogenic metabolism (burning fat not carbs for fuel)
  3. Reducing carbohydrate intake (avoiding gluten)
  4. Increasing HEALTHY FAT intake (avoid transfat) eg. eggs, avocado, nuts, oily fish**
  5. Increasing your omega-3 fat intake (DHA) and reduce consumption of damaged omega-6 fats (processed vegetable oils) in order to balance your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. (He prefers krill oil to fish oil here, as krill oil also contains astaxanthin, which appears to be particularly beneficial for brain health, as it is a carotenoid that is very “focused” on reducing damage caused by free radicals to FAT (and your brain is 60 to 70 percent FAT)." 
  6. To Sum: "reduce calorie consumption, increase fat consumption, take a DHA supplement, get aerobic exercise – and you’re going to turn on your gene pathway to grow new brain cells." His advice means you have the chance to take some preventative / delay-it action before it happens. Afterall, the best time to fix a roof is when the sun is shining. Don't wait till it's pouring!
Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain: ** "Whether it’s organic butter, clarified butter called ghee, or lots of pure fat called organic virgin olive oil or coconut oil, nuts and seeds, free-range chicken, or wild salmon, these are high-fat foods. Avocado, one of my favorites."- Sept 29, 2013
Dr. Joseph Mercola: "...the best fuel for the brain, the super fuel for the brain, according to Dr. George Cahill who’s written on ketosis, is ketones. It’s fat that we mobilize when we’ve been able to get rid of the carbohydrate and introduce coconut oil and other sources of (good) fat into the diet."
 Dr. Joseph Mercola: "The prescription you advocated to reduce Alzheimer’s actually is the exact same prescription that’s recommended to reduce the two other major epidemics, both of which are larger than Alzheimer’s; heart disease and the emerging one, cancer."

For the full article go here >

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Google: Local Organic Farmers Meet Google Chefs

Google Hosts Local Organic Farmers To Meet Google Chefs

Wow, did you know how healthy-minded Google is (towards their employees)?

What about you - with your family's health? All the more reason, and when more people support their local organic farmers, prices for organics will be able to come down. Often organic prices are not that much more than what you pay at the supermarkets.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fast Tips: Top Recommendations

Quick Review: Krill Oil, Coconut Oil and Turmeric

If I have to choose only 3 nutrient-supplements they are the following for the (brief) reasons given below:


"Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid-type of antioxidant that is even more powerful than beta-carotene, alpha-tocopherol, lycopene and lutein.*" (source:

KRILL OIL: If you are looking for the best kind and source of astaxanthin which protects especially your eyes against free radicals that can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems then check out this Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola. Not all Krill oil are created equal - ensure your source of Krill oil is the best available.

COCONUT OIL is now NOT thought to be the 'bad guy' of cholesterol. It's medium-sized fat molecules are now known to confer health advantages that other (polysaturated) fats do not:

50 percent of the fat content in coconut oil is a fat which is rare in nature called lauric acid. Lauric acid is a "miracle" ingredient because of its unique health promoting properties. Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties. Monolaurin is a monoglyceride which can actually destroy lipid-coated viruses such as:
  • HIV, herpes
  • Measles
  • Influenza virus
  • Various pathogenic bacteria
  • Protozoa such as giardia lamblia" ... etc. (source:
Not only that coconut water - "noelani," which in Hawaii means "dew from the heavens" - (the liquid inside young, green coconuts before they mature into those hairy, brown coconuts from which coconut milk is extracted from their white meat) is THE recommended sports drink because of its amazing health benefits! Organic coconut oil.

If you holiday or live in areas where fresh coconuts are readily available remember to enjoy the very refreshing taste as well as health benefits, of coconut water and its tasty, tender white flesh (which becomes thicker and crunchy in mature,brown coconuts). It's good for the environment too as it comes in its own handy, takeaway packaging ie. in its own shell - which is fully bio-degradable.


TURMERIC is the wonder spice that has, in the words of Dr. Mercola, an "astonishing array of antioxidant, anti-cancer, antibiotic, antiviral..." properties. It confers a wide range of health benefits including cancer prevention, reducing inflammation, alleviating arthritis, detoxification and liver support, purifying blood, regeneration of brain cells after strokes, etc.,  and is easily available. However the cheap options can include fillers that dilute the level of the active ingredient, curcumin. Find safe, quality, organic sources with potent levels of cucurmin for best health benefits and results.

Turmeric is a popular ingredient and widely found in Indian curries, Asian foods like laksa (the soup is curry-based), Asian-spiced foods like spicy-kebabs, South-East-Asian dishes like fish and other types of curries, noodles, pickles like Achar, etc. and wherever these foods are found - which luckily these days is the world over. So enjoy your food knowing at the same time that you are boosting your health ... with every mouthful!

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10 Steps To Longevity - Dr. OZ

10 Steps To Longevity - As Prescribed by Dr. Mehmet OZ:

And one herb that you would be wise to include in your diet as it is the only known NATURAL Detoxifier of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum is coriander. Especially if you have amalgam fillings (mercury vapour from your tooth-fillings continuously escapes into the oral cavity) eat cilantro or spring coriander as much as possible!

Friday, June 29, 2012

How Your Gut Flora Influences Your Health

How Your Gut Flora Influences Your Health

By Dr. Mercola
A new study in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice shows that microorganisms in the human gastrointestinal tract form an intricate, living fabric of natural controls affecting body weight, energy, and nutritioni. The findings may offer new ideas on how to treat nutrition-related maladies, including obesity and a range of serious health consequences linked to under-nutrition, the scientists said.
An article in Science Daily reported on the featured findings, statingii:
"The microbes in the human gut belong to three broad domains, defined by their molecular phylogeny: Eukarya, Bacteria, and Achaea. Of these, bacteria reign supreme, with two dominant divisions -- known as Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes -- making up over 90 percent of the gut's microbial population... Within the bacterial categories... enormous diversity exists.
Each individual's community of gut microbes is unique and profoundly sensitive to environmental conditions, beginning at birth. Indeed, the mode of delivery during the birthing process has been shown to affect an infant's microbial profile. Communities of vaginal microbes change during pregnancy in preparation for birth, delivering beneficial microbes to the newborn.
At the time of delivery, the vagina is dominated by a pair of bacterial species, Lactobacillus and Prevotella. In contrast, infants delivered by caesarean section typically show microbial communities associated with the skin, including Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, and Propionibacterium.
While the full implications of these distinctions are still murky, evidence suggests they may affect an infant's subsequent development and health, particularly in terms of susceptibility to pathogens." [Emphasis mine]

How Your Baby's Gut Flora Impacts His/Her Future Health

The health implications of this variation in gut bacteria acquired from birth is exactly what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's research sheds light upon. Her research shows there's a profound dynamic interaction between your gut, your brain, and your immune system, starting from birth. She has developed what might be one of the most profoundly important treatment strategies for a wide range of neurological, psychological, and autoimmune disorders—all of which are heavily influenced by your gut health.
I believe her Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and Gut and Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) Nutritional program is vitally important for MOST people, as the majority of people have such poor gut health due to poor diet and toxic exposures, but it's particularly crucial for pregnant women and young children.
Children who are born with severely damaged gut flora are not only more susceptible to disease; they're also more susceptible to vaccine damage, which may help explain why some children develop symptoms of autism after receiving one or more childhood vaccinations.
According to Dr. Campbell-McBride, most autistic children are born with perfectly normal brains and sensory organs. The trouble arises when they fail to develop normal gut flora. In a previous interview, she explained the chain of events that is typical for many, if not most, autistic children:
"What happens in these children [is that] they do not develop normal gut flora from birth… As a result, their digestive system—instead of being a source of nourishment for these children—becomes a major source of toxicity. These pathogenic microbes inside their digestive tract damage the integrity of the gut wall. So all sort of toxins and microbes flood into the bloodstream of the child, and get into the brain of the child.
That usually happens in the second year of life in children who were breast fed because breastfeeding provides a protection against this abnormal gut flora. In children who were not breastfed, I see the symptoms of autism developing in the first year of life. So breastfeeding is crucial to protect these children.
... If the child's brain is clogged with toxicity, the child misses that window of opportunity of learning and starts developing autism depending on the mixture of toxins, depending on how severe the whole condition is, and how severely abnormal the gut flora is in the child."
It's important to understand that the gut flora your child acquires during vaginal birth is dependent on the mother's gut flora. So if mother's microflora is abnormal, the child's will be as well. Autism isn't the only potential outcome in this case. GAPS may manifest as a conglomerate of symptoms that can fit the diagnosis of either autism, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, just to name a few possibilities. Digestive issues, asthma, allergies, skin problems and autoimmune disorders are also common outgrowths of GAPS, as it can present itself either psychologically or physiologically.

The Importance of Fermented Foods and Probiotics

Maintaining optimal gut flora, and 'reseeding' your gut with fermented foods and probiotics when you're taking an antibiotic, may be one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health. If you aren't eating fermented foods, you most likely need to supplement with a probiotic on a regular basis, especially if you're eating a lot of processed foods. As explained by Dr. Campbell-McBride, poor diet in general, and each course of antibiotics extols a heavy price:
"Every course of antibiotics tends to wipe out the beneficial bacteria and that gives a window of opportunity for the pathogens to proliferate, to grow uncontrolled, and to occupy new niches in your gut. The beneficial flora recovers, but different species of it take between two weeks to two months to recover in the gut and that's a window of opportunity for various pathogens to overgrow.
What I see in the families of autistic children is that 100 percent of mom's of autistic children have abnormal gut flora and health problems related to that. But then I look at grandmothers on the mother's side, and I find that the grandmothers also have abnormal gut flora, but much milder."
In essence, what we have is a generational build-up of abnormal gut flora, with each generation becoming ever more prone to being further harmed from the use of antibiotics—and vaccines as well. To learn more about GAPS, please see this previous interview with Dr. Campbell-McBride.

How Your Gut Impacts Your Metabolism and Genetic Expression

As time goes on, we're gaining more and more information about the important roles gut flora plays in maintaining overall health. The good news is that this is an area you can exercise a lot of control over. Your diet can quickly alter the composition of your gut flora. Processed foods high in sugar and chemical additives and low in nutrients is a surefire way to decimate the beneficial bacteria in your gut, allowing the harmful pathogenic kind to thrive.

Research has also shown that your microflora has a significant impact on gene expression, such as the genes responsible for vitamin biosynthesis and metabolism. Probiotics have been found to influence the activity of hundreds of your genes, helping them to express in a positive, disease-fighting manner—some of which affect your body in a manner resembling the effects of certain medicines!

A recent study published in the journal Natureiii found that "gut microbial communities represent one source of human genetic and metabolic diversity." According to the authors:
"To examine how gut microbiomes differ among human populations, here we characterize bacterial species in fecal samples from 531 individuals, plus the gene content of 110 of them. The cohort encompassed healthy children and adults from the Amazonas of Venezuela, rural Malawi and US metropolitan areas and included mono- and dizygotic twins.
Shared features of the functional maturation of the gut microbiome were identified during the first three years of life in all three populations, including age-associated changes in the genes involved in vitamin biosynthesis and metabolism.
Pronounced differences in bacterial assemblages and functional gene repertoires were noted between US residents and those in the other two countries. These distinctive features are evident in early infancy as well as adulthood. Our findings underscore the need to consider the microbiome when evaluating human development, nutritional needs, physiological variations and the impact of westernization." [Emphasis mine]

Three Global Varieties of Gut Bacteria

You might not be aware of this, but scientists are now busy mapping the microbes in your body in much the same way as they mapped the human genome. The Human Microbiome Projectiv was launched in October 2008, with the goal to catalogue all the bacterial inhabitants in the human body. Researchers have identified most of the microbes in the human gut, but they still don't know much about the actions of each individual microbe, or how they work together. An article published in Wired Magazine last year discussed this fascinating workv. It also features an illustrative graphic of the primary microbes found in humans across the globe. vi
According to another study, also published in the journal Naturevii last year, each of us harbors one of three primary "communities" of bacteria. The health ramifications of each are still being teased out.
  1. Bacteriocides
  2. Prevotella
  3. Ruminococcus
According to Wired:
"In terms of function, each of the enterotype-defining genera has been linked to nutrient-processing preferences — Bacteroides to carbohydrates, Prevotella to proteins called mucins, or Ruminococcus to mucins and sugars — but far more may be going on. "Exactly what they are doing in there is still to be explored," said Arumugam, who also mentioned enterotype-based differences in drug metabolism as another possible implication of the findings."

The Ideal Way to Optimize Your Gut Health

The ideal balance of beneficial to pathogenic bacteria in your gut is about 85 percent good bacteria and 15 percent bad. Maintaining this ideal ratio is what it's all about when we're talking about optimizing your gut health. Historically, people didn't have the same problems with their gut health as we do today for the simple fact that they got large quantities of beneficial bacteria, i.e. probiotics, from their diet in the form of fermented or cultured foods, which were invented long before the advent of refrigeration and other forms of food preservation.

You can ferment virtually any food, and every traditional culture has traditionally fermented their foods to prevent spoilage. There are also many fermented beverages and yoghurts. Quite a large percent of all the foods that people consumed on a daily basis were fermented, and each mouthful provides trillions of beneficial bacteria—far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement.

Here's a case in point: It's unusual to find a probiotic supplement containing more than 10 billion colony-forming units. But when my team actually tested fermented vegetables produced by probiotic starter cultures, they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic! Fermented foods also give you a wider variety of beneficial bacteria, so all in all, it's your most cost effective alternative.

Fermenting your own foods is a fairly straight-forward and simple process, and can provide even greater savings. To learn more, please listen to my interview with Caroline  Barringer, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who has been involved with nutrition for about 20 years. She's now one of Dr. Campbell-McBride's chief training partners, helping people understand the food preparation process.

The Incredible Health Benefits to You of Traditionally Fermented Foods

Monday, February 6, 2012

Check that your Babys ORGANIC FORMULA is SAFE!!

BEWARE! Synthetic additives  such as DHA & ARA are found in many INFANT FORMULAS and Baby Food Products, even ORGANIC. They are harmful to your baby. Read the full article below:

By Dr. Mercola
Last December, the U.S. National Organic Standards Board, an expert panel that advise the USDA Secretary on organic matters, narrowly approved Martek Biosciences Corporation's petition to allow the use of their genetically modified soil fungus and algae as nutritional supplements in organic food.

The product is an omega 3/omega-6 oil (DHA/ARA) synthesized from fermented algae and soil fungus.

The oil is extracted from this biomass using hexane, a neurotoxic byproduct of gasoline refinement that is specifically banned in organics.

The Cornucopia Institute investigated Martek's patent and safety filings at the FDA, and discovered that the product also contains synthetic chemicals, stabilizers, carriers, and some of the ingredients are also genetically modified.

(As it turns out, some of their products were developed by Monsanto before Martek bought the technical rights.)

Martek's formulated oils are added to "organic" milk, infant formula, and a number of different foods. After a formal legal complaint, the USDA announced in 2010 that it had "inappropriately" allowed Martek oils to be included in organic foods.

But enforcement of their removal was delayed for 18 months in an apparent effort to permit corporate lobbyists to petition for review and legal inclusion in organic food. According to the Conucopia Institute:
"Although Martek told the board that they would discontinue the use of the controversial neurotoxic solvent n-hexane for DHA/ARA processing, they did not disclose what other synthetic solvents would be substituted. Federal organic standards prohibit the use of all synthetic/petrochemical solvents".

How Did Unapproved Ingredients Make it into Baby Food?

It is distressing to see that chemical additives have skirted USDA approval and made their way into infant formulas—some of which even bear the USDA Organic Seal! This confirms that even organic certification is NOT watertight, and you, the consumer, will need to stay on your toes.

Martek's DHA and ARA products are synthetic attempts at omega-3 fats that have been in the U.S. marketplace since 2002, and in organic products since 2006. They are chemically extracted from certain types of algae and fungi that have never before been part of the human diet, and have never been approved by the USDA. Yet they have made their way into your baby's bottle.

In fact, it is unlikely that the production process of these agents has been examined at all—and for good reason. The Cornucopia Institute has uncovered an entire list of questions regarding the source, processing, and other ingredients used in the manufacturing of Martek's DHA and ARA, any one of which could result in a ban from their use in certified organic products.

GMOs, Lies, and Petrochemicals

For starters, Martek's synthetic oils are extracted using a toxic petrochemical solvent called hexane—a process that's just about as NON-organic as you can get. Hexane extraction is widely used in the production of oils, such as fatty acids and vegetable oils, but is banned in organic produce because it's a non-organic material.

So what's their loophole?

Martek Biosciences was able to dodge the ban on hexane-extraction by claiming USDA does not consider omega-3 and omega-6 fats to be "agricultural ingredients." Therefore, they argue, the ban against hexane extraction does not apply. The USDA helped them out by classifying those oils as "necessary vitamins and minerals," which are exempt from the hexane ban. But hexane-extraction is just the tip of the iceberg. Other questionable manufacturing practices and misleading statements by Martek includei:
  • Undisclosed synthetic ingredients, prohibited for use in organics (including the sugar alcohol mannitol, modified starch, glucose syrup solids, and "other" undisclosed ingredients)
  • Microencapsulation of the powder and nanotechnology, which are prohibited under organic laws
  • Use of volatile synthetic solvents, besides hexane (such as isopropyl alcohol)
  • Recombinant DNA techniques and other forms of genetic modification of organisms; mutagenesis; use of GMO corn as a fermentation medium
  • Heavily processed ingredients that are far from "natural"

Your Body Knows These "Nutrients" are Fake

Although DHA and ARA from real foods are indeed important nutrients, the synthetic versions are not even remotely the same. They are foreign to your body, and to your infant's body, which is why many babies are having terrible adverse reactions. Naturally derived omega-3 fats have important benefits to your baby's eyes and brain. Martek has manipulated this fact into a clever marketing ploy that convinces mothers that this artificial concoction is as good for their babies as breast milk.

But there is no scientific evidence to substantiate Martek's health claims. Martek claims that their formula is "proven in independent clinical studies to enhance mental development." According to the Cornucopia Institute, this claim is based on one single study involving just 19 infants. Martek neglects to mention the numerous other clinical studies that fail to show any advantage in brain development.

The Perfect Formula for Diarrhea, Vomiting and Gastrointestinal Pain

The Cornucopia Institute has compiled a summaryii of hundreds of adverse reports submitted to the FDA about possible intolerance to DHA/ARA-supplemented infant formula. Of those reports, 98 are said to be "confidently linked" to intolerance to the DHA/ARA oils. Many hundreds more are highly suspect. The reported gastrointestinal symptoms include:
  • Severe gas
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Gastric reflux
  • Constipation and bowel obstruction
  • Agitation, fussiness, crying, and severe distress
The adverse reaction reports filed with the FDA represent only the tip of the iceberg, as most parents are unaware that Martek's additives may be the cause of their infants' problems. Some parents and their babies have endured these symptoms for weeks or months before identifying the cause, believing it was simply colic or unexplained fussiness.

A few companies have made a conscious decision to not use Martek's additives in their baby food products, in order to protect the organic integrity of their foods. Cornucopia has published a list of "USDA Organic" products containing Martek's additivesiii. Shockingly, ALL organic infant formulas with the exception of ONE (Baby's Only Organic) contain Martek's DHA! Some baby foods also contain it, so it's a good idea to get in the habit of reading ALL of your labels.

Beware of Other Known Contaminants in Infant Formula

Your child is perhaps never more vulnerable than in the first few months of life, when his or her fragile body is still rapidly developing. Pound for pound, infants experience greater exposure to chemicals than adults, and have immature and porous blood-brain barriers, which allow greater chemical exposures to reach their developing brains.

It is best to avoid infant formulas whenever possible. Breastfeeding is best. Infant formulas have been found to be contaminated with a variety of problematic chemicals, including:
  • Perchlorates (a component of rocket fuel)
  • Melamine
  • Advanced glycoprotein end products (AGEs)
Please avoid feeding your baby soy based formula due to dangerously high concentrations of manganese and estrogenic compounds, among other problems. Most infant formulas also contain far too much sugar. The most recent contaminant found in infant formula (as well as food and commercial juices) is arsenic. This is particularly worrisome for babies because they are especially vulnerable to arsenic's toxic effects.

Is there Arsenic in Your Baby Formula?

Researchers at Dartmouth College warned that there is an "urgent need" for regulatory limits on arsenic in food products after levels in two infant formulas were found to be up to six times the U.S. federal limit for drinking water. iv There are currently NO regulations for arsenic levels in foods or juices.

The arsenic in infant formulas is thought to come from the brown rice syrup used to sweeten some formulas. Rice is a plant that is very efficient at taking up arsenic from the soil, regardless of whether or not it's grown organically.

You Can Avoid All of These Problems by Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding offers a list of life-long health benefits for both mom and baby, making it the best food you can give to your baby by far.

Many are aware that breast milk contains antibodies, or immune molecules, that are transferred to the baby, giving her immunities to illnesses that the mother is immune to. The converse is also true -- if your newborn is exposed to a germ, she will transfer it back to the mother while nursing. The mother's body will then make antibodies to that particular germ and transfer them back to the baby at the next feeding.

So it's not just a matter of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats that makes breast milk far superior to formula. In fact, breast milk also contains substances that may significantly enhance your baby's gut and support the healthy development of her entire nervous system.

If you are unable to breastfeed, you may want to consider the option of purchasing human breast milk, which is becoming a hot commodity online. Nursing women are now earning up to $1,200 a month from selling their extra milk to other families, many of whom are pairing up online via Craigslist and other classified sites. This trend harkens back to ancient times when wet nurses (women who breastfeed babies other than their own) were used for a variety of purposes. For more about this option and some cautions, please refer to this article on the sale of breast milk.

Is the U.S. Becoming a "Dumping Ground" for Substandard Products?

Food in the European Union (EU) seems to be getting saferv, while American food may be becoming more dangerous. The EU has been progressively tightening their standards, while the U.S. has been loosening theirs. Consider herbicides, for example.

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. and is the primary ingredient in Monsanto's broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, which is causing incredible damage to our environment. As a result of Monsanto's lobbying, a U.S. regulation passed in 2011 increased the tolerance for residues of the herbicide glyphosate on corn. The tolerance is even higher than the one allowed by international standards. The Codex Alimentarius Commissionvi has established a maximum residue level for glyphosate on corn at 5 parts per million, but the U.S. regulation now allows 13 parts per million.vii
The EU herbicide/pesticide legislation is probably the strictest in the world, a testament to their commitment to consumer protection. Besides limiting these chemicals, they ban genetically engineered foods and the hormone rBGH, whereas the U.S. continues to allow them. Many more such examples can be found.

As the European Union and other nations have begun to tighten their environmental standards, manufacturers have begun to use America as a dumping ground for consumer goods that fail to meet other nations' standards for toxic chemical content. Manufacturers ship wood, toys, electronics, pesticides and cosmetics to the U.S. containing substances that are banned or restricted elsewhere, because they raise the risk of cancer or cause reproductive or neurological damage.

Think about all of the dangerous and poor quality products we're importing from China that make the news now on a regular basis. Unlike the European Union, which uses a "precautionary principle" that prescribes protective steps whenever there is scientific evidence of risks to public health or the environment, the U.S. EPA relies on voluntary steps from the industries themselves. This model of consumer protection has unfortunately been swallowed up by corporate corruption. If the government is unable to provide the oversight needed to ensure public safety, then it's up to YOU, the consumer, to protect yourself.

What You Can Do

The Cornucopia Institute has posted an Action Alert in the form of a proxy letter you can sign and mail off today. They will hand-carry your letters to the USDA spring meeting to protect organic products from synthetic additives. You can print out this proxy letter here.
Signed proxy letters should be mailed to:

The Cornucopia Institute
PO Box 126
Cornucopia, Wisconsin 54827
Also consider including a donation check with your letter, to support the invaluable work the Cornucopia Institute performs to protect your and your family's right to clean, wholesome, truly organic food. As of right now, there does not appear to be any additional benefit to contacting your congressman, but if the need arises, Cornucopia will notify all their members and subscribers with the information.

I can't encourage you enough to participate in this process. It's important to recognize that you CAN make a difference! Always remember that collectively, we have the most effective power in the marketplace that can exceed the power of these multibillion dollar, multinational corporations. We can vote with our pocket books. But we also need to make our voices heard; we have to let these agencies know that we are watching, we're paying attention, and we're not going to allow this immoral, if not downright illegal, industrial favoritism to continue.
Until American consumers are willing to vote LOUDLY and CLEARLY with their checkbooks by refusing to purchase cheap products created under poor standards of safety, we will continue to be suckers for substandard and even dangerous products that can compromise our health, along with the health of future generations.
So think carefully before you purchase your products! The real cost of "cheap products" comes in the price you pay for your long-term health.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why Astaxanthin? Antioxidant Powerhouse!

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Robert Corish on Astaxanthin 

Krill Oil - Super-Antioxidant

  Why Prevention is Better than Cure:

"A carotenoid found as a blood-red pigment in marine, micro-algae, that is capable of protecting the algae in severe adverse conditions like severe drought, for over 30 years (where algae are subject to free radial assault) " ...

"larger capacity (can handle multiple free radicals, eg. 19) than other antioxidants as a free radical scavenger" ...

"and always remains benign even if itself has been depleted/exhausted within the body unlike some other antioxidants that can actually convert into a pro-radical ie. change teams after depletion!! ..."

"excellent tolerability and safety characteristics ... ie. no side-effects ..."

"protects against cataracts, macular degeneration that occurs after age 65 caused by free radicals and for which there is no cure ... a must-have carotenoid for eye health"

"also protects against dementia, strokes - protects central nervous sytem - especially the brain, mitochondria, and from excessive sunlight ... internal filter/sunscreen, blocks A and B (protects from excessive irradiation especially if you are flying frequently) ... (part transcript - see full interview).

Sources of quality Astaxanthin

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