Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Truth About Saturated Fats

The truth about saturated fats:  We have been told for a very long time by 'experts' to stay away from saturated fats like animal fats eg. butter, egg yolks, unprocessed coconut fat, etc. But is this a myth?  Our shelves are full of processed oils like so-called healthy, polyun - saturated, vegetable oils and margarines.

These are also found liberally in products like processed biscuits and cakes, and many other convenient foods.  This is a far cry from the kind of baking and cooking that used to come from grandma's kitchen using traditional recipes and farm produce such as hand-made butter, farm-eggs or fresh milk and without a trace of preservative, colouring or other artificial additives.

Watch the video and note what happened between that generation that got it right, in terms of nutrition and health, and the onset of the 'processed food' revolution of the next 30 years. It takes decades for the chickens to come home to roost but we now have overwhelming evidence that the "processed-food revolution" (that does not look set to abate anytime soon) has taken a massive toll on our health at a national level!

There is massive obesity, disease and a general lack of good health in a large part of our population - just look around you. Too much sugar, bad fats, refined, empty carbs, and toxic additives that play havoc with your health! And this is how many children are brought up today. Sweden has got it right - they know that prevention is a whole lot cheaper than cure and they take measures to ensure their kids get a correct start in life but I digress ... so watch the video and note the interesting stats.
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